Do We All Have “Impaired” Awareness of Our Abilities?

This is my poster for Neuroscience Day 2019. It is quite provocative, and there are nuances to this story:

  • This is likely a sort of Simpson’s Paradox in reverse, where there is little sensitivity to objective performance within groups (patients vs. healthy), but some sensitivity between groups.
  • I do not dispute that subjective reports reflect real subjective experiences. As such, measures on Quality of Life, emotional distress, etc. are not to be disregarded. But care should be taken to generalize from, e.g., reports of emotional distress to impacts on real abilities.

I do have a very nice dataset coming up from 124 respondents, where we improved substantially on the methodology, e.g., by asking participants to rate their performance in percentiles rather than on an ordinal scale. I plan to merge all of this in a paper.

I used a poster template and design idea which you can read more about in this Twitter thread. This was very much a last-minute panic. In particular, I’d liked to have worked more on the “ammo bar” to the right, but you only have so much time!

Don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know what you think:

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