New tutorial on computing Bayes factors in R

I just published a practical guide on computing Bayes factors using various packages in R. Head over to RPubs and check out How to compute Bayes factors using lm, lmer, BayesFactor, brms, and JAGS/stan/pymc3.

My first goal is to present solutions to things that I found difficult in the respective packages and which are relatively undocumented. A second goal was to show a side-by-side comparison on whether the packages converge on the same Bayes factor estimates.

I hope to keep the document updated. In particular, I’m keeping an eye on the development of, BASand I need to learn how to specify a full JZS prior in brms.

Personally, this is a lot of firsts for me and took way too much time: my first R notebook (including Markdown), first tutorial in many years, and first use of brms and BAS.